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Hi all,


I want to have several columns for different attachments in a SharePoint list, for example, one column for pictures, one for videos and one for PDFs. But it seems only 1 column is available for attaching all types of files.


Is there any method to realize my idea? Thanks! 

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Hi, what you are asking is not possible. My suggestion is to use the library for storing Videos and documents and then you can store the reference ID or link to that file in the list. May be you can develop a SPFx Field customizer to display the information from the link which can be implemented to the list.

Hi @Sudharsan K, thanks for your advice.


Actually we are using an customized Power Apps to collect data from our suppliers, they need to submit different types of files to us, around 10 files for each submission, and we think it's inconvenient for them to save files to library first and then set the link to the corresponding column in the SharePoint list.


We know the Microsoft Form is able to design different questions to upload different files, at the same time we may develop an Automate flow to capture the data and files from Form, but the question still is that there's only 1 column is available for attachments in SharePoint list, that means it's impossible to transfer the files from Form to SharePoint list, am I right? 


We're intending to use the SharePoint list for our database, it's easy for us to review the submissions if the different files can be saved in the different columns. Do you have any other advice for this idea?


Thanks in advance! 

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Hi, additional attachment columns are not possible in SharePoint list. The suggestion I mentioned on using the document library and then the link to the list is on backend and not for the users. For end users it will be simple uploading the documents, on backend we have to upload the files to document library and store the link in the respective fields.

Understood, thank you! @Sudharsan K 

@Sudharsan K 

Is there a way to automate this?

Would it be possible as an alternative to insert hyperlinks from those files coming from the Form via OneDrive? The critical bit is that these hyperlinks are in different columns... not sure if this is possible.