Columns doesnt count right


So I got this example:


The green value should show 01:00:00 but it doesnt. I think the formula I got "ROUND" it somehow (I got the code online). And I need this code so the value can exceed 24 hours. I've tried to remova "ROUND" in the code but only getting syntax errors.


IF(INT(Minuter/60)<10;"0"&INT(Minuter/60);INT(Minuter/60))&":"&IF(ROUND((((Minuter/60)-INT(Minuter/60))*60);0)<10;"0"&ROUND((((Minuter/60)-INT(Minuter/60))*60);0);ROUND((((Minuter/60)-INT(Minuter/60))*60);0))&":"&TEXT([Ärende påbörjat]-[Ärende inkommet];"ss"))


Can someone help me?

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Try the below syntax:


=DATEDIF([Eff Dt],[Exp Dt]-(MOD([Eff Dt],1)>MOD([Exp Dt],1)),"d")&" days, "&TEXT(MOD([Exp Dt]-[Eff Dt],1),"hh "" hrs, "" mm "" mins""")


,where Eff Dt and Exp Dt are field names. Results are shown below (Diff field - calculated column) as an example.




Hope this helps!

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