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Hoping someone can answer my two questions in regards to columns and content types. Here are the scenarios:


1. I have 4 different Content Types that will all be within the same library. Invoice, Progress Claims, Receipts and Mortgages. As you can see below, I have created Progress Claims and Receipts under the Invoice Content Type as they have similar columns.


Invoice>Progress Claims




All of these content types will have the column "Document Type" and "Business Area" which I have created as managed metadata columns with the answers set up in my taxonomy lists.

I am only wanting certain answers to show for Invoices, and different answers for Mortgages so that there are not TOO many choices in the one list but I can't seem to do this. You either have to create a new column which then can't have the same name (Document Type) otherwise you can only have the same answers for both content types.


This leads to my next query in regarding Column Default Values as again, I am wanting different values for Columns default values for each Content Type but within the same library.


2. If I try to make the default value for Document Type column as "Epitome" (which is what I would want it for in Content Type Mortgage) then I cannot make the default value for Document Type column as "Invoice" for the other content types.


I am trying to have as much information prefill as possible as we have ALOT of documents and it will be very time consuming for my colleagues so I am trying to prefill as much as possible.


Thanks in advance!

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Hello @LanaGadzhis1 


that's right, every column are unique in the library, not possible to use other term sets or default value wihtin different content types.


I think the best way to go is to use PowerApps in the document library form:


Regards from Switzerland,


I just read what you sent me but I don't really understand how that will help me? Could you explain why you have proposed this as a solution pleaseee


Hi @LanaGadzhis1 


with OOTB it's not really possible, that you can build forms in lists or libraries with deeper logic.

But your alternatvie is Power Apps, with them, you can build forms with a lot logic and relations, like different default values on fields or different values in a choice based on other fields.


Regards, Dave