Column value on SharePoint is Missing on Email


I've problem when I create new data on List SharePoint my value is Missing when email is send (using Email v2), but when I test running using power automate test value is appear.

Can anyone help for this problem?


My email template on PowerAutomate

Email Template.JPG


Value on SharePoint List

SharePoint List.JPG


Email Received when create New on SharePoint List

Email New list.JPG


Test Running using powerAutomate what I mean is like this 

Power Automate Testing.JPG



Email when Testing using PowerAutomate


Email Testing List.JPG



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Hi @lucas_ignatius 


Is that column a calculated column? 


Yes, that Calculated column but it only copy from another column.

Even, I'm using column single text it still not appear.

Calculated Column Order Number.JPG

can you help my problem?
Calculated column values are visible on emails in my environment.
Is the value of the column you are referencing with the formula added manually when the item is created?
Referencing column is automatically generated because I'm using PowerAutomate for Generate Number.
Okay. That is the issue because you cannot exactly know when PowerAutomate flow which updates the number is run. Can you use that same flow to send emails as well?

@Matti_Paukkonen because my flow is using approval and if approve will be send email. And then I'm using update column on Order Number, not using Created column.

I Attached my flow, please help to check it



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What if you add Get Item SharePoint action before Send an email action, and use the Order Number value returned from that action.
I'm just using get item sharePoint it will be show my generate number.