Column validation on email address


I have a column that contains email addresses. I would like SharePoint to check the email address when it is entered to make sure the emails are being entered properly.

  1. the address must have a followed by
  2. the address left of the @ must be formed first.last

I've tried inputting some code I found on the net but so far I've found that every address is rejected. Using SharePoint Online in Office 365. I read a comment from a user that this doesn't work in SharePoint Online. Does anyone have any information?


Details: SharePoint Library, column is named approverEmail. Code I've been trying to work with follows:

=AND(ISERROR(FIND(" ", [approverEmail],1)),IF(ISERROR(FIND("@", [approverEmail],2)),FALSE,AND(ISERROR(FIND("@",[approverEmail], FIND("@", [approverEmail],2)+1)),IF(ISERROR(FIND(".", [approverEmail], FIND("@", [approverEmail],2)+2)),FALSE,FIND(".", [approverEmail], FIND("@", [approverEmail],2)+2) < LEN([approverEmail])))))



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