Column to pick name - want to show page members only as choices

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I thought this would be simple, but I cant figure out how to accomplish this.  When I create the column i select the type Person or Group.  But I can either select All Users (but that is clunky and we have thousands of employees) or I can select SharePoint Group.  Logic would dictate the selecting the SharePoint Group (Members, Owners, Visitors is available) which I select Members.  However when I go to the name picker functionality within the form to add event to calendar it lets me select the entire group only and doesnt give me the opportunity to pick from one of the only 20 people in that group.  I dont know why Group would be an option for a Name "Picker" column if that was the only choice...  I would rather just hard-code the column and save myself the time of constructing this column.  Any help, even if just a nudge in the right direction would be great!!!  Thanks!

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Figured something out.  Because the SharePoint page was inheriting the user groups from Teams the individual names dont actually reside on the SharePoint page (just the group name), so I had to add them in individually to get them to appear.  Not ideal to maintain identical lists, but it worked for me.