Column to calculate total value of items in a choice column where items don't have a visible value.

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I have an employee list with a choice column [Services] for all their services. For example: Microsoft Business Standard, Visio Plan 2, Adobe Acrobat Pro. The value of these items would be $12.50, $15, $24. 


I want a column to show the total value of the selected services: [Total Costs] $51.50  


It may be worth noting that not all items in [Services] have a value or they might also be a yearly subscription. I'm more concerned about the monthly costs so a value of $0 shouldn't null the formula and a value of $X/12 may be needed for a yearly subscription.  

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Is [Services] multiple selection choice column in the SharePoint list? 


If yes, you cannot use multiple selection choice columns in SharePoint calculated column formulas - this is a limitation of calculated columns.

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