Column Setting | Column Formatting Missing

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Hey guys, 

NEw to sharepoint.

I am trying to format some columns on my sharepoint list so that these can have some background color I am looking for the following functionality: 

Format a column to change how it looks - SharePoint ( 



but what I see instead is this 


Can you guys help me how I can enable column formatting options on my sharepoint lists? I have the full admin rights of sharepoint in my orgnanization but I cant figure out why I am unable to see 'format this column' option. 

Thank you so much for reading and responding to this post. 

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Column formatting should be there by default. Might I ask what kind of column do you have?

Thank you for your rely Juan, this is a choice column,
So for those who were also confused like myself, in order to view column formatting options you have to access through site contents and then open the List from that navigation in order to make changes to the formatting, that is the only way I was able to see it at least.