Column Not Sorting in year

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Hello Guys,

I having a weird issue in the SharePoint library by sorting on year.




most of the subtopic has the same result, when you click that topic it's sorting by year like this:



But in subtopic:general this is the result:


files not sorted by year. 
tried to check the view settings but there's no difference from the other. the same view was used when viewing the files.

THank You.





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@ebensal0t Are you using two-level grouping in list view settings? Can you try creating a new view in your SharePoint list and setting the grouping settings again?


Also, try indexing your Year column in the SharePoint list: Add an index to a list or library column 

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Hi @ganeshsanap Year column has been added to the index column and tried to create a new view but the problem is still there.