Column names, sharepoint lists.

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I am a bit confused by the column names in the Lists app. And that makes it fifficult to use Power automate later.


My Lists app:


årshjul kolonner.PNG


List settings, columns




View all Items selection:


alle elementer.PNG


Where is for eaxmple "Aktiviteter" column in the list settings?


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@Geir Hogstad you appear to have renamed the Title column to Aktiviteter but Title is still the name in the background and so will be used by Power Automate etc.


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Thank you for your responce @RobElliott. That was my thought as well. But the title columnt is still there. I Starte with one of the tempaltes in the List app. So teh column is renamed. But I cant see the original somewhere.


The column "dato" is not showing in Power automate... 


Here is the Title column.


title sharepoint.PNG



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