Column header filter selections on multiple select choice field work only as an OR filter

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When I use the column header filter option on a multiple select choice field (drop-down check boxes of choice options) it only works as an OR filter. Is there any way to get it to work as an AND filter to recursively limit the results.


The fields has 10 multiple select options and I would like the user to use the filter to increasingly limit their results as they make selections and that requires the filter to act as an AND filter. Is that possible?


I am using SP 2013 and moving to 2019 in a few months.

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@wgmeisheid This is a default behavior of SharePoint list filtering functionality.


This is same for SharePoint 2013 as well as SharePoint 2019. Unfortunately, I don't think you will be able to customize the default functionality in SharePoint. 


You will have to develop some custom solution for your requirements to show the data from list and allow filtering (maybe using SPFx after you move the SharePoint 2019).

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Re: "This is a default behavior of SharePoint list filtering functionality."
One more of the myriad of bad choices by SharePoint developers we have to live with. Would be pretty simple, and I mean simple, to have an option to set a given list sort to "AND" or "OR". This is what happens when the inmates are running the asylum as Alan Cooper described so well in his second book on "how talented people continuously design bad software-based products". They seem disconnected from how actual users want the program they are using to work. I have yet to find one of my users who is not frustrated that the selection filters are not AND, who continuously say, "Who designed that? Can't you change it?" Would that I could.


Back in dark ages when I was a MS MVP for WinHelp on the SDK (1998-2001) I had a chance to "experience" Microsoft's usability testing lab and as I started asking questions on "how and why and did you?" they pushed the tour to another area. Can't have the plebs questioning the how the recipe meets the diner's wishes. Shut up, we know what we are doing...


Thank you for verifying that my frustration is real and will continue. Would that a little dose of common sense would be thrown into the mix.

@wgmeisheid One additional comment that reflects on the decent development of the original HTML Help that eventually replaced WinHelp. I got introduced to the development lead and Ralph gave me his email address and told me to send him anything I found or thought would be an issue or should be changed. I can honestly say I delayed the release of HTML Help at least 6-9 months by bringing issues or why doesn't it do this questions to him. I remember a HTML Help presentation at a WinWriters conference during development where they opened up the floor for questions to everyone but me... ;) At lunch later we had a laugh about that. But the product worked better and didn't run into some issues it would have without my input. I give Ralph credit for that. He was willing to listen because he wanted to put out the best product possible for the users.