Column Formula on list not working

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I am using a SharePoint list and have the 3 columns below.








ID is the autonumber field defined automatically by SharePoint, ProjectCode is a default value current set to “174TestRisk” and RiskID is a calculated column of “ProjectCode&ID” as shown below




















The issue I am having is that when a new entry is added the ID is not being picked up (as you can see for ID 10). I’ve tried using [Square Brackets] in the formula and these don’t save or make a difference.


As you can see via ID 9 – for retrospective entries its worked; it just wont work for new ones.


Any ideas please?



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Hi @robrkhw - the ID column isn't supported for calculated columns, when building your calculated field, you'll notice it isn't one of the options to place in the formula. As a workaround, you could create a quick Power Automate flow that runs whenever a new item is created with the SharePoint action 'update item' and have that populate the Risk ID field.

@Kelly_Edinger thanks for the response


Can you think of a way to achieve what I want without using power automate


This is a proof of concept which I want to rollout for others to use and they will not be confident to use things like power automate. 


If I can achieve something with calculated fields it would be handy - perhaps by doing something like creating a hidden column which contains a duplicate of the ID field? 



To create the duplicate hidden field would still require using the ID field so it puts in the same inconvenient spot. Maybe create your own ID column so it's available for calculated columns.

@Kelly_Edinger thanks. So is it possible to create my own ID column which auto populates with a unique ID? If so, how? Thank you.