Column Formatting - now with Flow button support


One scenario that we demoed at Ignite last year was the ability to create Flow buttons using the SharePoint column formatter.  The initial public release of the column formatter, however, did not include this functionality.  We're proud to announce that all SharePoint Online users can now create their own Flow buttons inside column formats.  This is useful when you want to put a business-critical Flow a single click or tap away for users when they're viewing a list or library.


To learn how to accomplish this, check the Create a button to launch a Flow sample on our documentation page. 


Let us know any feedback or concerns you have about this functionality, or about column formatting in general.

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Nice one!!!

@Lincoln DeMaris This is really great, quick question, Should button work also in page were list app is displayed. 

For me in Sharepoint online in list it is working fine but if i add list view app in some page it does not triger flow.


Thanks, Val

@Lincoln DeMaris 

Is there any way to apply(show) column formatting in one column in Quick edit mode.

If it is modern List Standard view, Column formatting is working fine. When we change it to Quick Edit view it is not showing up (Modern List).

@Lincoln DeMaris - Nice feature but it's not working when list view is added in a page.

Button only works once per line for me. I have to refresh the page if I want to click the same button a second time.