Column formatting not saving for Single Line of Text Column

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To give some background, I have set up a SharePoint List to track part numbers that need to be cycle counted in our Manufacturing facility.  I recently the site to the new version of Sharepoint and now my part numbers show up in an unwanted format.  For example, a part number that used to show up as "5456226-599" now looks shows up as "1001_.000".   I entered in the below JSON and it appears to fix the issue when I select the "Preview" button.  However, After I save and close out of the formatting window, the part number column goes back to the unwanted format.


"$schema": "",
"elmType": "div",
"txtContent": "@currentField"



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@Rmkemmi does the default value of the single line of text column have a default value using a formula or anything? 


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@Rob Elliott There is no formula - I believe the default value for the part number is just entered in plain text.  Many of the part number do have dashes (e.g. 11-000-39), so I don't know if that would have an impact?





@Rmkemmi  sorry, all I can suggest is that you create a new column, add in the data and see if the same thing happens. Without seeing it in action I don't know why the data would be being changed.



When there is no JSON, it will still display the unwanted format mentioned in my original post.