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So I am using this for the calculation: 

=IF(ISBLANK([Completed Date]),0,IF([Completed Date]>=[Start Date],DATEDIF([Start Date],[Completed Date],"d"),"Invalid Date"))


I would like to have fractional days such as the sample is started in the morning but completed in the afternoon, getting number like 0.5 


But for those cases, I am keep getting 0.0 


Any input will be appreciated, thank you. 

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@username1231231885 make sure your date/time columns are set to time as well as date then use  something similar to the following formula in your calculated column to give you the fraction of a full day (24 hours). The calculated column has a number output with 1 decimal place.

=INT([End Date]-[Start Date])+HOUR([End Date]-[Start Date])/24




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