Collapsible sections on the SharePoint mobile app

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When I view pages with collapsible sections on the SharePoint mobile app, I am not seeing the section headings.  I only see the section content and there is nothing to expand/collapse.  Does anyone know if this is expected behavior?

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@aerickah I'm having the same problem. It wouldn't be so bad if the section headings still showed but, as it is, context is lost and it's just one long screed. Have you found a workaround, or is this just an unfortunate limitation of the mobile app? Thanks. L.

I hadn't paid too much attention in a while so I just went and looked at a couple newer pages where I've used sections - and they're showing up in the app! However, the original page I was having trouble with is still not showing the sections. I tried republishing to see if that might fix it, but it didn't.

The only workaround I've found is to view the page in the Edge app instead of the SharePoint app. My page that has issues in the SharePoint app is fine in the Edge app.