Collapsible sections: Linking to auto-expand a section and non-effective Search

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As already discussed in some previous threads collapsible sections have a lowered functionality when being linked to; even though Section headers have anchor links, these have very limited function as they only bring you to the overall page with all sections. This is especially useless when you are trying to keep the page clean by collapsing your sections by default. The thread presents a workaround by adding an additional header within your collapsed section, which will open the section on landing, but you will end up with a redundant header: 


Collapsible section name 

Collapsible section name (redundant)


This is less than ideal and means always repeating your section names, it also doesn't work properly when you want to link from one section to another on the same page.   


Additionally, if you try searching your Site for a keyword contained in one of the sections, not only will it not bring you to the paragraph containing the keyword, it will only open the page with all sections collapsed and with a focus on the very top of the page.  Therefore there is no point in searching when you decided for Collapsible section organization for your pages, the Sharepoint basically tells you "It is somewhere on this page". You still need to expand each section and either scan the page to find the searched keyword, or use Ctrl+F.


Is there a way to report this to the actual developers so they can implement web functions that have existed since 1991? 

  • anchor link opens the page, moves the section title to the top of focus and opens a collapsed section (perhaps this could be a toggle in section options)
  • clicking a result in Sharepoint search does the above and additionally highlights the searched keyword within the section 

Thanks for reading. 

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I've not looked at them for some time but I suspect adding or supporting something in the MS Feedback forum would be a good way -


I do agree with you though.  The collapsible sections aren't great for accessibility either, which is why I tend to shy away from them.

@DVrabec Create a new feedback/idea on SharePoint feedback portal as suggested by @Steven Andrews .


Also, raise a support ticket Microsoft directly & report this issue to them. Hopefully they will pass these issues to their development/product team. Follow documentation: Get support - online support 


Related feature article: SharePoint: Collapsible sections on modern pages 

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I have done that, thanks Steven.