Collapsible section release date?

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Anyone have any updates on the release for collapsible sections for all customers?   We are patiently waiting for this feature and the last update we had was end of September.   Are they still targeting this timeframe or has it been pushed back again?   

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@rnelson25, Microsoft message center says:


Have you been in to one of your SharePoint sites to check?



Yes we have checked and we still don't see anything below the background shading. We are setup for standard release so hoping it is still on track by end of Sep.
Hi, It's now October and I still can't see this on our tenant. Is there anything we need to do to activate it? This feature will play a huge part in the design of our new intranet as we migrate online over the new few months and time is fast looming when we need to have a prototype design :(
For us it's active since yesterday and a great feature. :smile: