Collapsed data not searching correctly

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I am having several issues with searching collapsed data.


Data that is in collapsed data on a page is not showing in the quick search as it would if it found data on a simple page. To see basic results you need to select Show more results. This then only takes you to the page with the collapsed data ( only headings showing). You now would have to open each one to try and find the information you require.

Even if you was to do ctrl F to search for the data on the page you still will not get any results, unless it was expanded.

It would be good if the search displayed a tooltip of the data and then upon clicking on the link it would take you to the collapsed data page then down to the anchor link and expand the collapsed data.


Is this possible or any work arounds as I have several pages where engineers have provided 'How to's' in an collapse/expand format.


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I agree. The current approach is not user-friendly. If the user is searching for information located within a collapsed menu, clicking on the search result will open the page with collapsed headings. As a result, the user will need to individually expand each heading and use CTRL+F to locate the required information. It is questionable whether the user will go through this process; in most cases, I believe the user may become confused and exit the page.

The specific menu should automatically expand, and if feasible, scroll down to the result so that it appears in the center of the screen.

Are there any potential solutions or workarounds?