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Hi All,

We have a need for an code snippet web part that contains more languages than the out of box ones provided by Microsoft, we need more niche languages such as R, SATA, GAMS and so on, so that we can have neat examples in our internal wiki's.

Currently I understand that the options available basically are design your own custom part or use the markdown web part.

I found a thread that links to a user voice that seem to be closed, is there any other way to request more languages be added to the web part? (Code Snippet Web Part - Displaying other languages than the ones Microsoft provide - Microsoft Commu...)

Or are there any other ways to add the languages we need without having to code a custom web part?


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@Freddie2022 The uservoice sites have been replaced by the Microsoft Feedback Portal where you can suggest ideas on the various platforms and vote for existing ones.


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Great thanks, i have left some feedback but in the meantime does anyone have any pointers to complete this with what currently is available in sharepoint.

Thanks again!