Clicking SEE ALL on SharePoint List takes me to the last viewed VIEW


Hi Community,

This is super weird issue that I noticed, may be I have configured something wrong. Please help

I have a SharePoint List named "BRD". I have created 3 views on it- View-1, View-2, View-3.

I am hosting these different views on different Site Pages.

So Page-1 will have View-1, Page-2, View-2 & Page-3, View-3


If I see any page, let's say Page-1 for the first time. It works perfect because I see the SharePoint list based on View-1 that I have set-up. Now when I click SEE ALL to expand the list and see the full version, it shows me everything fine still as items are still based on View-1.

However, when I go to Page-2, the list shows View-2 which is still good, but upon hitting SEE ALL it shows all the list items based on View-1 and subsequently Page-3 is showing View-2 list items on hitting SEE ALL.


Can someone suggest, what's happening.

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@GulianiG Hey, I will look into this now! :)

I found it to be a cache bug , very strange/bad!... If you navigate back and forth, it should work as expected.

Yours sincerely,
Aref Halmstrand

Thanks for confirming that. No wonder, it seems weird.
Anyways, since my users would frequently move from 1 page to another- navigating back & forth would only confuse them. As an alternative am think of having a link on page that would take users to the list with that view instead of embedding a list web-part. Is this approach fine?
Or would you know of an alternate way?

That sounds like the best way to do it. :)
There is alternative solutions, however that would require development with the Graph API.

Yours sincerely,
Aref Halmstrand