Clean Up Sharepoint "Following" Menu

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Hope this is the right spot. We have only recently started to utilize sharepoint/onedrive as we try to get the company off a mix of on-prem servers, dropbox, etc. I made a couple test sharepoint sites years ago when we thought about standing one up for a project but never did anything with it. I deleted the sites (I think) but they still persist to show up in my "Following" list and will not go away. "Test Plan" and "Job 206 Doc Control" don't exist anymore and have not for years. If I click the links then it takes me to a 404 error page saying the site doesn't exist.


HOWEVER, the links refuse to disappear from the following menu. No matter how many times I unclick the star icon, they disappear until i move to another page or hit refresh and they are right back there. Any idea on how to get rid of them? Functionally it's not really a problem but I hate digital clutter as much as the real world equivalent.


Screenshot 2023-12-11 165135.jpg

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