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I've created a Document Register on a site and I'd like it to be in classic view permanently. Reason for this is that when uploading a document, the document controller can select the business entity, document type, department etc. before adding the document to the register. Can seem to work out if this can be done in new experience, just seems to add the document then yo have to go in and edit all the fields.
On the main site I've gone in settings>site collection features> Activated Sharepoint lists and libraries experience, which should turn off the new SharePoint list and library experience for this site collection.
I've then gone to my master documents register subsite. Library settings>Advanced Settings>Default experience for the site.
However wherever I access the master documents register subsite, the view is always new experience, unless I click 'See all' (see below pic) then it changes to classic view. Is there something else I need to change so that the company can see it in classic view all the time?
I also tested adding a new list in another subsite, but this starts as new experience view as well.

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This is not answering your original question, but if you want your users to upload single documents through a dialog that requires them to input required metadata, then you can still do the following in the modern ui:

1) Get the Guid for your document library (for example from the "List=" url part of the "More library settings" link)
2) Construct the following link using that guid{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}

3) Route your users to use that link to upload new documents  

On the first screen, your users will get the classical single file upload dialog and on the second screen they are required to enter all necessary metadata using the modern form