classic view of calendars in SharePoint

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We are having an issue with printing on the classic view of calendars in SharePoint.

We use it as the modern view is missing functionality that we need.


This is happening on ALL classic view calendars, and broke after Microsoft did updates.


Please see the attached images for the Classic Calendar view:





We are using Control + P to print the calendar

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@MikeJohn1710 Firstly, I'll investigate if the problem is isolated to a particular browser or if it's a widespread issue affecting multiple browsers. I'll have users attempt printing the classic calendar views using different browsers to identify any browser-specific conflicts.


Clearing browser caches and disabling extensions/add-ons will also be part of my initial troubleshooting steps. Next, I'll enable the classic experience in SharePoint, as the classic and modern experiences can sometimes behave differently, potentially resolving the printing issue in the classic views. If the problem persists, I'll check the Microsoft 365 update channel and known issues pages for any acknowledged problems or workarounds related to printing in classic calendar views. Simultaneously, I'll work closely with your team to gather more detailed information, such as error messages or specific steps that trigger the printing issue.


This information will be crucial in helping Microsoft Support understand and investigate the problem further, should we need to escalate the case. If none of the initial troubleshooting steps resolve the issue, I'll engage with Microsoft Support and provide them with a comprehensive report, including the version of SharePoint you're using, steps to reproduce the problem, and any relevant error messages or screenshots. Their assistance may be necessary to identify a potential fix or provide a workaround until a permanent solution is available.


Throughout this process, I'll keep you informed of our progress and any updates or recommendations from Microsoft. If any temporary workarounds are identified, I'll ensure they are communicated clearly to your team and implemented smoothly to minimize disruption to your calendar printing workflows.