Classic site as Hub site (yes!) but multiple global navigation bars (so close)

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If you make your classic site into a Hub Site it works perfectly WITH THE EXCEPTION OF MODERN PAGES -- they show the global navigation twice (once being the Hub Site navigation and once being where the global navigation was previously).  See example below....



Also, and this is tremendous, if your classic site has navigation set already, that global navigation becomes the hub site navigation.  That's awesome, that means that Intranets with a current global navigation structure can basically make there root site collection the hubsite, it was already have the navigation it needs, and you're set.  All you would need to do is associate any modern sites to the hubsite that you may have already placed manually into the navigation structure before.  


That said, let's hope there's a quick fix for the above duplicate navigation.  Other than that.. perfect solution to a huge page point previously.  




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Actually, it looks like it's subsites of classic sites that show the double navigation.

Thanks for reporting Clint, we'll take a look!
Interesting finding me this is a bug, but let's see what the team says back!

Any news or workaround on this? We are still seeing duplicate navigation bars on subsite's modern page/list when the root site is a Hub site. Looks just like OP's image.

Any update on this? We want to use a Hub Site as our top level site.

I know this is an old post but we are interested in making our Root of tenant the Hub as well.  We have been doing a lot of research on how to convert from old Classic Team based template sites to the Modern Experience.  Was the site you made into a Hub a Classic Team or a Classic Communication template site?

I have been reading for a long time now that Microsoft is working on a method or tool to convert the long existing SharePoint to the New Modern Experience.  Right now we have a mashup of old and New and it is ugly and confusing.

If you change the 'Global navigation' setting (Site Settings - Navigation) for each subsites from 'Display the same...' to 'Structural Navigation...' and leave the 'Global navigation' tree in the 'Structural Navigation: edit and sort' box empty, there will be no second menu anymore.

Subsite navigation.png
Structural navigation - editing and sorting.png


I think you nailed it with this response. I would much prefer to have an option on the global nav to choose hubnav. If Display same as parent worked in cases where parent used hubnav, this would be moot. 

So far as I can tell, yours is the only workable gui solution to the duplication issue. ( an alternate CSS to hide the topnav would also serve)






... the only issue with this is you get no hubnav on classic pages....@RNorris 

This worked for me on several subsites a few months ago. Today it is NOT working. I've quadruple checked the settings and they are exactly the same as the other subsites that look ok now. Ugh.