Classic SharePoint to Modern SharePoint

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Hello Techies,

One of my client is looking to modernize their Classic SPO to Modern SPO.

And their classic SPO includes close to 200 Regional Site Collections with:

  1. Underlying departmental Subsites.
  2. Extensive JS based webparts leveraged on pages(created using custom page layouts)
  3. Custom list forms developed using HTML, CSS & JS.
  4. As most of the pages are created and maintained by SP users, they have utilized JS scripts and Content Editor webpart to design the pages.
  5. And all the SharePoint Designer based workflows are migrated to Power Automate.


Going by the above scenario, what could be the best approach to modernize their classic SPO ?


However, going by their mammoth number of Site Collections, Subsites and Customized Lists - I was drafting the below plan:


  1. Every Regional Site Collection would be recreated using Flat Architecture with HUBs.
  2. The source subsites data[library and not customized lists] would be migrated to appropriate department Site Collections.
  3. The pages would be recreated by the end users provided that SPFx based alternate webparts are available against the js based webparts used at classic front.
  4. And the customized lists would stay at classic front till the alternate version of it like Power Apps or SPFx based webpart is developed.
  5. The data that is migrated from source classic sites to Modern Site Collection would be deleted later once the migration is approved by stakeholders.
  6. So, gradually we would end up with Modern Site Collections along with the classic customized list based application.

In above plan, data would be migrated using Sharegate.


Would appreciate your inputs or suggestions.

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