Clarification on MC405984 (Site limits for SharePoint Lists, Libraries and subsites)

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I would like clarification on MC405984 (Site limits for SharePoint Lists, Libraries and subsites).


We have a large site collection called projects; this site collection has a tree-like structure of sub-sites underneath it. Overall it contains approx. 20000 sites, but no single site/sub-site has more than 2000 sub-sites or libraries in them.


The MC405984 has two lines of text that contradict each other. The first line suggests we will not be OK, but taking into account our tree structure of sites, the second line suggests we will be OK.


First line: “Service Descriptions, the service limit is 2,000 lists and libraries combined per site collection (including the main site and any subsites).“


Second line: “Beginning February 2023, we will enforce the limit of 2,000 lists and libraries independently at the main (root) site and the subsite level. For instance, a site collection can have 2,000 subsites (including the main site), and each subsite (including the main site) could have 2,000 lists and libraries (including the hidden and default out of the box libraries).”


Will we NOT be affected by the enforcement as each site/subsite in our structure has less than 2000 sub-sites, or is the enforcement done measuring the site-collection as a whole without taking into account the tree structure created?


It is important to us as we have a large amount of automation done to create sites and file documents and emails.

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