Chrome ignoring "open in desktop app" settings in SOME libraries




in one of my client's tenant, all site collections are set to to open documents with the desktop application. All libraries inherit the site collection default or are even explicitly set to open in the desktop app. Always.


This works in Edge. But in Chrome, some libraries will still open a file in the browser Office app. 


I have done the research. Chrome is up to date and the issue that was fixed in 2015 with a missing extension is not the problem. I've cleared all cookies.


It seems that the classic experience causes Chrome to open files in the browser. Can anyone confirm that? Is there a fix, other than not using Chrome or right-click "open in Word"?


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@Ingeborg Hawighorst Did you ever solve issue. i'm having that issue now with multiple users. It will work with Firefox and Edge but not Chrome



Any solution for this?