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I have a field in my sharepoint list that is formatted as person or group. I’d like to be able to start typing a name in that field and after typing the first 3-4 letters (to narrow down the list to the appropriate person) to just be able to hit the enter key and have that name entered in the field. But it is making us lift our hand off the keyboard and use the mouse to click on the name. 

I have a couple other lists (same group of names to choose from) that allows this.  But one list makes you physically click with the mouse. I can’t see any difference in the settings for either list.


Any suggestions on making our entry more ergonomic and efficient?




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@BeckyC1925 I am also able to update person or group field using enter key press and without using mouse click.


Did you use any JSON formatting for your person or group column OR list view?

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yes. I see that there is JSON code there. In this column it only shows the above code. 


A different column has a lot more code but this column only has the one line.