Choice colum dropdown not working

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I have numerous lists on a SharePoint site, all of a sudden none of the choice columns, which should have a dropdown menu, have the arrow allowing a choice to be made from a list, and instead say 'type to filter.'  This is happening across all choice columns and all lists? This is happening to all users too. I am using the default SharePoint form.Dropdown problem.png

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Same here Amy

Users cant complete the rest of the for - seems to be limited to Internet Explorer and will work in edge or chrome


Unfortunately it's doing the same thing in chrome, I've tested in Edge and Internet Explorer, same problem.  Worse still, for list items created prior to Thursday, if you try and update using a dropdown it closes itself down.  

@AmyFish a user reported the same issue to me last Friday (3/5). I hope this gets fixed as I may have to change all of my lists to radio buttons as an alternative which I do not want to do.

Hi All,
Did you ever get a solution or fix for this? I manage a number of SharePoints and this issue has just started to happen across my SharePoints, in the last 7 days.

I don’t seem to able to find a fix online.

Any help will be appreciated.


@Maxwellmaxjohn It was a bug from a MS update and they fixed it within a few days with a further update.