Checked Out Item Index and View Problems

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My name is Jon.  


I have a technical issue that I am running into with a Client and I was hoping perhaps that you may have seen this before.  I have already tried the standard support options; Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Premium Support, escalation through dedicated Microsoft account reps etc. and I have not received any solution from Microsoft.


The scenario is a SharePoint 2013 On-Premise migration to SharePoint Online Office 365.


My Client has a document library using document sets and standard file types (PDF, Word, Excel)  The library has approximately 2,400 document sets with approximately 160,000 items with an estimation of 400GB of data.   The library contains roughly 30 content types and around 180 columns.  The columns and content types are managed at the site level.


The migration tool being used is ShareGate. Prior to migration there were 0 checked out files / files with “no checked in version”


What we have noticed is that around 98% of the way through the migration, the “Managed files which have no checked in version” view (under library settings) stops working claiming that the view exceeds the threshold.


The exact error is

“Sorry, something went wrong

The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.”


I monitored the checked out items during the entire migration which takes approximately 2 weeks to complete and there were no items in this view during the migration period. The “checked out item index” exists before migrating the content.


Microsoft support has instructed me to perform this migration again from the source server to a new library in Office 365 and the problem persisted.


Microsoft support has also instructed me to perform this migration again from the original Office 365 library to a new Office 365 library and the problem persisted.


This leads me to believe the problem is not any actual checked out items, but a problem with the checked out item index.


I have also noticed that Shared Columns on Document Sets do not seem to properly work as they do not populate the documents inside of the document set even when the check boxes are selected.  However I am not sure that the two issues are related.


Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You,


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Hi @JonMiller724,


Have you reached out to the Sharegate team? They are the experts when it comes to migration issues and since you use their tool you can use their support.