Check Out/In a document to a group or multiple users

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We're looking for a way to check out a document to a group of people and then check in back in so another group can then work on it. We have some really large 50,000 docs that are being worked on, and the teams want to lock it down so that when design are working on it nothing changes, then it releases and then the proof readers group can access it. 


The issue with the current check in check out is its user by users and due to the size of the documents they may need 3 or 4 people in a document proof reading different sections. 


Is this possible at all? I've been trying to think of solutions, is there anything that could be done with power automate that checks the document out to a group? 


Any suggestions would be great!



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You cannot check it out to a group in the way that checkin/checkout works but you could use power automate to run  a flow that changes the permissions on the document at the various stages in its lifecycle. 


You would need security groups(or name users individually) for the group of users that you wanted to have edit access. You could have a status column against the document that the users could change to signify when they had finished the editing. At which point the permissions would be changed back.