Check-in/ check out when creating a new doc in a team site

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How to disable the check-in/ checkout when I create a document in a team site? 

When I create a doc, even directly from "New+" on SharePoint, the Auto-save in on, so it's saved in the SharePoint. But when I want to close it, it's asking me to check-in and check-out my document. 

It does the same with all the team site I'm in and not for the other members, 


If I drag and drop the file from my OneDrive, it's doesn't ask. 


Thank you 

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Check the version settings as follows:
- Go to the Document Library
- Click the Cog icon (top right of the page)
- Choose Library Settings
- Versioning settings
- Check the Check In / Out options

This can also happen if you have a required metadata field in the Document Library. If the metadata is not filled in, it will cause the document to automatically check out.
But, it's not doing the check-out/check-in for the other members...

Do I need to do that for all my team sites?

Thank you