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I have a document library set up with a custom Word template. The word template includes some quick parts tied to metadata columns in the doc library, and it is restricted to editing only form fields (the quick parts and a few other fields). When I check out a document, it will open in view-only mode and does not allow any editing whatsoever. Even if I create a new document and check it in then check it back out, the behavior persists. I have full permissions. Does anybody know what could be causing this issue? Thanks in advance for any input!



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It sounds like the document library is set to require content approval, which is preventing you from editing the document. When content approval is enabled, any changes made to a document while it is in a pending state (not yet approved) are not allowed. This is because only approved versions of a document can be edited.

To check if content approval is enabled and to disable it if necessary, follow these steps:

1. Go to the document library and click on "Library Settings" in the "Library" tab of the ribbon.

2. Click on "Versioning settings" in the "General Settings" section.

3. Look for the "Content Approval" section and see if it is set to "Yes". If it is, click on "No" and save the changes.

4. Try checking out and editing a document again to see if the issue has been resolved.

If content approval is not the issue, you may want to check the permissions of the metadata columns to ensure that you have the necessary permissions to edit them. To do this, go to the library settings and click on the column you are having trouble with. In the "Column" settings page, make sure that the "Read-Only" option is not selected for the column. If it is, uncheck it and save the changes.


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It seems that the issue was caused by syncing the library to desktop. To prevent syncing I turned off "Offline Client Availability" in advanced library settings.
Hi thank you for the response. I figured out that the issue was caused by syncing the library to desktop. Thanks again!