Changing the size of the news webpart to a bigger view


The news is one of the most important modules in our enterprise intranet. But the current news webpart in the modern pages are limited to a small amount of news what is preventing us from using the communication sites yet.


Is there a way how to make the news webpart 10 times higher to show a bigger amount of news? I also do not like to use the SharePoint Startpage - here we have many news but no customizing options... 


I am happy about all ideas. 

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If I understand you correctly you want to show a greater number of news articles on the page. The out of the box news web parts have their limits as you have found. I could suggest adding 2 webparts and adding the news articles to the fixed positions. That would get you more news but not ideal. 

@Andrew Hodges No - this would show probably the same news in both webparts... we like the news presentation on the Startpage, but there are no customization options :( So we have to stick with communication sites... 



You would have to fix news to every position in the first webpart and then use the second as a rolling "new news".  If you want the top news to always be the latest it wouldn't work.


@Andrew Hodges I figured out that in the list view, the number of news can be increased... this should be enough for now.


What do you mean by "rolling news news" - this I do not get...



You probably have figured this out already - the news webpart shows the latest new news article in slot number 1 and this changes when a new news article is posted. 


Each position in the news webpart can have a fixed article  so you can persist a news article for 2 weeks in position 1 for example.