Changing the font colour of a Microsoft List form

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Hi, I’m new to Microsoft List and Microsoft Teams as my organisation finally subscribed for it. We do not have access to Microsoft Power. I’m experimenting the use of Microsoft List record the department’s leave plans and have them displayed in a calendar view. I noted that I can preset a unit of measurement for a specific column when users fill up the form but the problem I have now is that the font colour and back ground of the unit of measurement indicated is super hard to read because of the colour combination. Is there anyway I can change the font colour for “Hours” to black?
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@Brianhowt I see the same behavior in Microsoft Teams. However, it works fine in SharePoint/OneDrive backend where the list is saved:


So, I guess this issue is specific to Microsoft Teams (maybe because of theming/CSS in Teams). I will suggest you to raise a support ticket with Microsoft: Get support - Online support 

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