Changing the choices of a column depending on the folder

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I have a document library with some folders and subfolders. I also have a "Document type" column that I created, with different choices. I would like the choices available in this column to change depending on the folder you are in, otherwise I will end up with too many choices.

For example, my "Document type" column contains the choices "Daily report", "Monthly report", "Annual report", "Meeting minutes", and "Planning". I would like the "Reports" folder to contain only the choices "Daily Report", "Monthly Report", and "Annual Report", while the "Communications" folder contains only the choices "Meeting Minutes", and "Planning".

I really need to be able to do this because my document library is going to grow, and I'm going to have more and more different types of documents. The list might become long and less and less readable...

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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So far as I know it's not possible with out of the box option.
you can probably play with some customization to hide the menu based on the location (but in my opinion i wouldn't do it as change on sharepoint can appear and your customization may suddenly stop working)
If you expect that the list might become long ( more that 5000 documents), took the opportunity to instead split in different library



Thanks for the quick reply! I was fearing it would not be possible easily... I do agree that the customization is not the perfect solution. Any idea of an other feature/option that could help me?

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Like that i didn't see any.
Personally, i'm not in favor of folder, i'm using a flat structure, it avoid duplicate file and i use the metadata to filter. In your case, I will probably still use the content type and customize with site column ( so I can copy paste file with metadata if i change location within the site) and use several libraries.
Or playing with the termset as metadata. you make a structure tree with the term set and put "communication" as non-selectable and behind put your 2 options. You set the column as mandatory. In that case you don't play with content type



Ok thanks, I will do some tests and see how it goes. Thanks a lot for the help :)