Changing SharePoint Home Page

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When I click the SharePoint link in the app waffle or the SharePoint link next to it, users are takes to the following URL: https://{mydomain} However, when a user simply navigates to https://{mydomain}.sharepoint/com,  the following Intranet page is loaded: https://{mydomain} . 

The Intranet isn't being used so I added a redirect to the page so the user is sent to (_layouts/15/sharepoint.aspx).

Is there a setting where I can change the root site so I can eliminate the redirect?

Thank you!

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@Bob Mixonone of the easy ways we have to use it by creating a subdomain under our main domain lets say our main domain is the sub-domain is so then the subdomain is redirected to the https://{mydomain} 


since without the redirect, even the first one is not working so if we make it easy and friendly URL for end users or the existing url redirect you used is also fine.