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Hi there,

on our SharePoint site we have a page with News web part and layout set to "Top Story".

Last Friday I noticed a change and now the text is displayed on top of the image in a different way, not very nice or user friendly. The text is stretched to the edges and it shows all the content at once, not respecting the separation from title, headers etc.

Was this a planned change? Is there anything that can be done using this layout to display the overview content better?



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@ccallejas I have the same problem, both on my work and developer tenants. It seems to have happened overnight.

I have exactly the same issue. I have a support request with Microsoft underway and will report back (if I remember to!)  @Pixamoo  @ccallejas would be great to hear if this is still occurring for you, or if not, what resolved the issue.

Same issue here. Location: Australia.
Same issue here in Europe. I changed the news image to something with a white background as a temporary workaround.

@Crypto_Pete we are currently investigating this behavior

Nice one, we have the same issue in our tenant, UK. @Bruno Alexio Can you keep us updated
should be solved by now. Can you please test again ?
thankyou bruno it is :)
seems to be fixed now

@Bruno Aleixo Yes, it's solved and looking as it used to be :)




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Thought it would be worth adding a link to the discussion with the Microsoft response to this issue. As others may have noticed, the issue was more wide spread than just the 'Top Story' layout of the News web part. The last reply in this post has the Microsoft response


Let's hope this doesn't happen again!