Changes to Classic site custom scripting?

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I support and maintain several legacy Classic SharePoint collections. I signed into my classic SharePoint site Tuesday, June 18, 2024, and discovered that my ability to work with scripting had been blocked.  Mainly the Content Editor and Script Editor webparts were no longer there.
I checked my SharePoint Admin à Sites and found that for many of my collections that scripting had been blocked.  So, my questions are:
  1. Where would I have seen that this was going to happen?
  2. Where do I go to see any other things that are coming down the road for Classic?
  3. When did this change officially go into effect?
  4. Why are some of my collections blocked and others aren't?
  5. Is there a way to permanently set scripting to ALLOWED for a classic site?


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1. Under SharePoint admin, Message Center (MC714186):
2. Classic will become more and more deprecated, move to modern as SharePoint is getting a classic facelift
3: End of may, but this information has been out since a long time ago
4: Depends when the site was created, but all will be diasbled
5. use DelayDenyAddAndCustomizePagesEnforcement with powershell to delay it and -DenyAddAndCustomizePages to disable it temporary. You can also do it from SharePoint admin per site

@NicolasKheirallah thanks for sharing. We also didn't spot this message MC714186.


MC714186 says "The Custom Script setting in SharePoint and OneDrive will be removed by early-May 2024" but only noticed this since 1st July. Are you sure this is related?


@CTFlorian were you able to fix it by running the powershell? If I read correctly we have till mid Nov24 to find a permanent solution.

What kind of solution do you have? I might be able it help