Change View when Opening Folder

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Is there any way to link a view to a folder inside a document library so that when you open that folder, it changes from the default view to the view you've specified? Say the default view for that library is All Documents, but when you open a particular folder it opens in another view, say, NotesView. Can that be done?

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Hello @JonathanJPS 


i found this post, not sure if this works on modern. Never used this before either.


Regards, Dave

Thanks, but doesn't appear to work in SharePoint 365 - the option 'Show this view: in folders of content type:' does not appear.

Hi @JonathanJPS 


i have created a new Teamsite and i have this options in views settings, not sure but i think, it's a "classic" feature only....



Regards, Dave


thanks for having a look, but I don't see it in the version I've got. I think I'll have to find another way of getting around it.