change the value of a column depending on the expiration time

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I have a list in sharepoint online with a status column, the status should change to "expired" if after 45 minutes of being "created" it has not changed status to "approved". Is there a way to change the state using custom fields? I appreciate your kind help.

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@JoseJulian you won't be able to do this within SharePoint on its own but will need a simple flow in Power Automate.


The trigger will be the SharePoint when an item is created trigger. Next add a delay action and set it to 45 minutes. That will pause the flow for 45 minutes:

 Next, add a condition to check if the Status value is equal to approved - my column is a choice column which is why you select Status Value from the dynamic content.


You can leave the green "if yes" channel empty, but in the red "if no" channel add a SharePoint update item action and select Expired from the dropdown on the field. If your column is a text column then just type Expired into the field.




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