Change the top tile link to link to the intranet landing page




The top tile on our intranet's Sharepoint site takes me to I came across this post in which people claim that it's not possible to modify this link. Just wanted to check here too if this is correct, as this will likely be a pretty major annoyance for our users when we launch our new Intranet based on Sharepoint. 




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Thats right its not possible to change the link that the "SharePoint" tile goes to or the Link "SharePoint" on the Office 365 Ribbon. 



You'll be able to soon however with the new SharePoint Home Site they talked about from SPC. This will replace the start page with your defined Home site. It was supposed to be starting to show up this fall but must be behind a bit, I expect to see more at ignite here in two weeks so keep an eye out.

But to answer you cannot change it currently as Andrew said!