Change the text displayed on the root folder of all synced SharePoint Document libraries file explor

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Hi all,


I would like to add the word SharePoint at the end of the text displayed on the root folder of all synced SharePoint Document libraries in file explorer.


We are finding users getting confused by the logo (a city/ skyscrapers) as well as which is SharePoint and which in OneDrive.


The image should make it clear what we want to change.


Does anyone know where this text comes from and how we could change it?




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Upps...not sure if this is something that can be customized cc @Stephen Rice @Salvatore Biscari

It comes from Organization Profile. in Admin Center. If you want to add SharePoint to your Company name you can update there.



But then the changed text will be visible also at the end of the label of the ODfB root, which, I presume, it is not a wanted effect...

IMHO, the "building" icon should be enough to understand that it refers to the SharePoint libraries.

Thanks, good to know where it comes from, I imagine changing that information would have consequences elsewhere that are not desired, unfortunately.

Easy if you know what to look for and it has been explained to you.


The fact that the OneDrive library says so at the start but the SharePoint one doesn't can throw some people off.


SharePoint and OneDrive Library Sync Icons.png

I feel even the SharePoint logo would make more sense than a building icon.

The problem is that also OneDrive for Business is SharePoint.

Hence I feel that it would not be correct to label explicitly the root as "SharePoint"...

Also, don't forget that under the "building" root you will find the other user's OneDrive for Business.

Hi all,


There's no easy way to change this that I'm aware of. I'd definitely creating (or voting on) a post on so the team can prioritize this type of thing. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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That is strange! I've got clear titles / labels:


OneDrive - Tenant Name

OneDrive - Personal



And, I've got the SharePoint icon for the SharePoint sites (instead of the building icon). 






I think you are still using the old sync client (Groove).

Have you considered switching to the new sync client (OneDrive)?


Ahh... yes. That could be the reason.

No, I haven't considered switching to NGSC, especially for SPO. And, I shall continue to use Groove for as long as it works. Sole reason being -- "Right-click" > "OneDrive for Business" > "Copy Link". Just like that. The NGSC unnecessarily complicates this and takes a looooong time to generate a link.

Well, IMHO, NGSC is superior to Groove in so many important ways that I cannot think to stick with Groove if not strongly forced by some unavoidable NGSC specific limitation. But your mileage may vary...

Hi @Abhimanyu Singh,


I just wanted to make a quick callout that the Groove sync client only copies the "canonical" link to the document (which functions like the "People with existing access" link in the modern sharing dialog). If you want a link that can be used to grant others access to the doc, we suggest using the new sharing dialog (which NGSC can retrieve). Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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Hi Salvatore, can you confirm what you mean by "the other user's OneDrive for Business"? And how one would see this under this icon?

Hi Andrew.

If another user has shared some items from his/her ODfB with you and you sync such items (going through Shared with Me, for example), then you will see them in a "folder" under the "building" (i.e. tenant) icon.

If you sync stuff from several tenants, you will have a different "building" for each tenant, which makes perfect sense, IMHO.

@Stephen Rice wrote:


... that the Groove sync client only copies the "canonical" link to the document (which functions like the "People with existing access" link in the modern sharing dialog)...

Thank you @Stephen Rice. This. This is exactly what we want. Get a quick clean link to the document which, by default should be for "people with existing access". That is the use-case our users have for 98% of times.


For example, maintain a few Excel sheets for some reporting purpose. Share once with relevant people. Keep updating every day. End of the month, send links to all relevant people to review. That's it. And that's the majority of times a link is needed from synced documents.


The NGSC sharing opens up a web-view even when it isn't required (and it takes forever). We don't share files routinely. We only share links. Yes, we need to share on-demand, but that is more easily done online rather than thru the context-menu of synced docs. 


I think, I would better open a new thread for this, than to hijack this one.