Change the order of choices in a formated choice column

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How do I reorder choice values in a formatted choice column in a SharePoint list? In the default UI (edit column) there is no way to reorder them. I tried to reorder them via the list settings, then it works until you change anything in the default ui (edit column) again.
What is the best way to sort that values?

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That's strange...changing the order through the list settings should work

@Markus Meusburger I am having the same issue.  If you need to add another choice in the list there is no way to reorder them in a logical order.  I think currently you have to manually do it and delete/re-enter. 

@Markus Meusburger@BGibbons ,


You are right, currently there is no way to reorder the choices in modern experience. Also, SharePoint will not automatically order the choice selections. So, you need to sort them in excel, then paste the sorted choices again to choice column settings (classic experience).


To do this follow below steps:

  1. Go to your SharePoint list.
  2. Click on Settings (gear) icon from top right corner and select List settings.
  3. Scroll the page below to Columns section and select your choice column by clicking on column name.
  4. Copy everything from Type each choice on a separate line textbox.
  5. Paste it into Excel file --> sort the choices --> copy sorted choices and paste in Type each choice on a separate line textbox.
  6. Click OK to save column settings.

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