Change the look panel, no themes available

Robert Schouten

When I look at different tenants at the moment in the Change the look panel on a Communication site, there are no themes available. When I open up PowerShell and enter Get-PnPTenantTheme, several themes are retrieved and so available in my tenant. Does anybody else experience this?


What I also see is that in my SPFx web part, when I try to retrieve a theme color in my sass file with:  

"[theme:neutralLight, default: #eaeaea]" it doesn't give me back any color, even not the default specified.
Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 19.47.50.png
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Yea... Frustrating! This has been broken for a few days. Here is the GitHub issue.


You can still change the theme on the Site Contents page and list view pages.


Team is aware of it and looking into a fix!


Thanks @Beau Cameron. Hope to see this issue is solved quickly, but also hope to see the new features there for changing header and section colors!