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I want to make a few changes to a Sharepoint site we have. However when I go to "Change the Look" I don't seam to get all the options that are described in the Change the look of your SharePoint site article.


For example I don't get customise the colours, I dont get the option to Customize your site header and I don't see Change the look > Navigation.


Anyone any idea why? I'm the admin of Sharepoint and the site.




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One is for modern pages, which currently has less options and the other for older classic pages. They are adding additional change the look options in the near future so keep an eye out for those, but the one you use is based on if you have modern pages (new look pages) or the classic pages (old look).
Yes I understand that, so in the article it is talking about the modern look. However the images I included are from my site so you can see what I mean by options such as the heading one is missing.

Any ideas why?
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Those are items that are rolling out, they aren't all released just yet. They should start showing up shortly if you do not have them.

@Chris Webb 


I too am having the missing item issue - the problem is that it was there yesterday and today the item is gone and now my navigation is on the left hand side instead of existing at the top.