Change Tenant Root into a Communication Site

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Read that I can PowerShell


to turn the root site into a comm site 


but that ain't working in my Tenant  - When will this be GA ? 

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Unfortunately, no ETA here so just wait until it arrives to your tenant

I am also waiting for this feature.

We are currently on the verge of making a change over to all modern sites. BUT I would really need this to be delivered. This will make our move be a transformation instead of migration. I.e more of a communication issue then moving things around to achieve a modern take on our information.


Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín  

it was showed at MSignite Sept. '18 - still no show in tenant :( - where and how will I be notified - in the message center?


It should be in early Q1 '19 according to dcpardur:

but it also sounds (in the comments) like its possible to achieve before it comes GA ? 

@rabiawilliams no not possible yet in my tenant - The link states "a new Tenant"  - and the comments are its on its way :D 

@Taen keren 


Another example of MS announcing something (nearly a year ago now), taking the applause of course, when its not even close to being ready.  I've just watched a few of last September (2018) Ignite and there are quite a few of the announcements made there that still havent been released.

They need to stop doing this, its really annoying, and makes MS look like a bunch of amateurs


Go and watch the AWS Re:Invent announcements.   The features go live as they are announced on stage, thats how to make an impact

@Beau Cameron - yep I know of this - but that's not what MS announced ....