Change sharepoint shaing settings affect teams file access

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I have a tenant which remain sharepoint external shaing settings option at "anyone" for a long time.

Few days ago I changed from "anyone" to "new and existing guest" refer to :Manage sharing settings for SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365 - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 |...


After change shaing settings from "anyone" to "new and existing guest", user report that they cannot access file in teams, even they are file owner.


After change shaing settings from "new and existing guest" to "anyone", user access file in teams error back to normal.


Is this known issue and any workaround to solve this?



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Hi, @Eddie79
When you change the sharing settings in SharePoint from "anyone" to "new and existing guest," it can affect file access in Teams. Users may find that they are unable to access files in Teams, even if they are the file owners. This is because Teams relies on SharePoint permissions for file access. To address this issue, you can try adjusting Teams settings, sharing files directly in Teams, creating a separate SharePoint site with different sharing settings, or educating users about the changes. If you need further assistance, consider reaching out to Microsoft Support or your organization's IT department.