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Hi ,


I have  a root site which isn't using the modern UI, I've created a new communications site. which I would like to set as my root site.


I'm am worried about making this change as I have a number of subsites which currently hang off the current root site. 

Can I change the root site without impacting on the existing subsites? 


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Hello @WilfiR 


see more informations here:


This item is listed under limitations :

  • Replacing the root site with another site replaces the entire site collection with the new site collection. If your current root site has subsites, they'll be archived.

Best, Dave

Thanks - if the subsites are archived, can I edit their URL to hang off the new root site?

Hi @Wildlifer780 


you need to move it, best with third party tools like sharegate.


Best, Dave

Thanks - could I simply edit the url to reflect the root site change?
How does a root site change impact on sites linked to Teams Channels / Groups?

Hi @Wildlifer780 


it will automatically create redirects. Also in the article:

- If you disabled site redirects, you'll need to update sharing links and any apps or files (like the OneDrive sync app and OneNote files) to refer to the new URL.


Best, Dave

Thanks @David Mehr